60 Port USB Flash Drive Duplicator

Number of Ports:                                     60
Maximum Duplication Speed per Port:     5.6 MegaBytes per Second
Total Duplicator Bandwidth:                     336 MegaBytes per Second
Duplication of 60 pcs of 512MB Drive:     91.4 seconds
USB Flash Drives Supported:                     USB 2.0 High speed
Max. Drive Size Supported:                      Unlimited
Automatic sizing and size checking:        Yes
Custom/Partial Size duplication:              Yes
Smart Duplication (Files only):                  Yes
Verification:                                             Yes
Low level erase (DoD 5220.22-M):           Yes
Standalone Operation:                             Yes
Comprehensive Logs and Reports:           Yes
Duplication of none-standard file systems:     Yes
Single button control:                                     Yes
Friendly Win32 GUI Interface (optional):          Yes
Stackable operation:                                      Yes (IP multicast)
Max. Number of Duplicators in Stack:           100

Management Ports:                                        USB, Fast Ethernet
Multicast Duplication via TCP/IP:                    Yes (in development)
Encryption support:                                        AES 128bit (sold separately)

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